terça-feira, 1 de abril de 2008

Compiz Fusion - O maior mito de sempre

"We all have heard about Compiz Fusion. We all have seen rotating cube on youtube. But it's time to tell the world a truth. It's time to uncover the greatest Linux myth ever. The Compiz Fusion is a fake.


1. Everyone knows that there are no 3D games for Linux. Everyone knows that Linux has serious troubles with video drivers. So how is it possible that something so cool was created for Linux? Think!
2. Best Windows gurus spend 11h (eleven hours) trying to configure Compiz Fusion. And the result? Completely nothing. Compiz Fusion doesn't work because it can't work.
3. Each video of rotating cube on youtube is in fact the same movie processed with different video filters.
4. Closer analysis showed that the thing called "Compiz Fusion" is in fact just a movie rendered on four Windows Vista machines in seven hours. This movie is now available as a package for most popular Linux distributions.
5. Each person who claim, that he uses a Compiz Fusion is a lier. All he can do on his Linux is to play a prerendered movie.

Whole world has been fooled by few Linux geeks. It was just a fake video to make you all install Ubuntu. Shame on you, Linux users!


Não fosse hoje o dia das mentiras :P

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